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How our product is meant to be.

Find out more about product’s key ingredients, efficacy, how to use and suitable for whose.

Fermented Papaya Elastin Peptide Drink

Promote circulation to dissipate blood stasis, suppress mammary gland hyperplasia, alleviate breast blockages, prevent mastitis, firm the skin of the breast area.

Compound Plant Enzyme Probiotics Powder Solid Beverage (100 Billion)

Target oral, gastric and intestinal microbiota ecology regulation, resetting the gut microbiota environment.

Lutein Esters Walnut Peptide Poping Candy Solid Beverage

Anti-blue light damage, antioxidant, promotes optic nerve development, relieve eye fatigue, provides eye nutrient replenishment.

Anti Wrinkle And Firming Cream

Anti-wrinkle and firming effect, its dense and smooth texture tightens and plumps the skin.

Beauty Rose Face Mask

Hydrate, alleviate dry and rough skin, keep skin moisturized and smooth and reveal beautiful skin.

Collagen Fruity Beverage (1000mg)

Anti-oxidation, brightening, anti-inflammation, enhancing cell repair, thereby slowing down aging.

Nutrition 100 Solid Beverage

Balance nutrient intake everyday, daily nutrient included vagatables, fruits, protein and minerals.

Five1+ In One Yeast Exquisitely Mask

Soothe dry and itchy skin witness skin changes in 28 days

Tightening Intensive Essence

Discover the power of Niacinamide with our skincare solution. This innovative product repairs and strengthens the skin’s barrier.

Smoothing & Repairing Toner

Natural mineral water that is rich in mineral ions. it moisturizes layer by layer.

Yeast.Exquisitely Revitalizing Facial Mask

TST Yeast.Exquisitely Revitalizing Facial Mask, the only ‘alive’ skincare product in the world with a light yogurt note!

Yeast Astaxanthin Anti-Wrinkle Repair Facial Mask

Powerful antioxidant to inhibit oxidized skin, turning dull & sallow skin to lustrous glowing skin. Inhibit photodamage & exogenous oxidation with premium Haematococcus Pluvialis extract from Czech Republic.

100 Salmon Nasal Cartilage Pressed Candy

Relieve inflammation and pain, increase joint lubrication and protect joint health.

700 Fish Oil Gel Candy

Protect the heart, brain, eyes, and the health of blood vessels.

Carob Bean Purple Perilla Flavor Solid Beverage

Balance endocrine, improve menstrual period disorders, improve polycystic ovary syndrome, reduce the occurrence of premature aging.

Salmon Compound Protein Powder Solid Beverage

Help build muscle, improve energy metabolism, multi-dimensional calorie control and increase cellular oxygen activity.

Aloe Dietary Fiber Solid Beverage

Promote intestinal peristalsis, enhance intestinal immunity and remove toxins from the body.

Black Pepper and Blood Orange Fruit Drink

Improve basal metabolism, synergistically burn fat, promote fat metabolism, prevent fat synthesis and remove edema.

Mango Concentrated Powder Composite Tablet Candy

Block carbohydrates, absorb fat suppress sugar and control appetite.

Fermented Yam Bean Probiotics Solid Drink

Regulate intenstinal health, accelerate fat metabolism, inhibit fat absorption, accelerate fat decomposition.

Artichoke Rice Bran Fatty Alcohol Probiotics Solid Beverage

Effectively regulate liver fat metabolism, improve liver vitality, accelerate alcohol metabolism and promote gastrointestinal health.

Honeysuckle Elderberry Flavored Beverage

Improve immunity, relieve cold symptoms, improve the body’s antioxidant capacity, anti-inflammation, regulate metabolism and improve hyperlipidemia.

SOD Crystal Glow Silk Collagen Drink

Moisturizing, brightening and antioxidant, inhibiting melanin synthesis, accelerating melanin decomposition, promoting collagen synthesis, lifting and firming skin.

Grape Yeast Compound Fruit-Vegetable Beverage

Anti-cell oxidation, activating cells, activating longevity genes, improving microcirculation, promoting cell regeneration and promoting cell metabolism.

Honeysuckle Acerola Cherry Flavored Beverage

Antibacterial, antiviral, preventing influenza, improving body immunity, powerful brightening and antioxidant.


Cauliflower Posenberry Tablet Candy

Repair upper and lower respiratory tract, improves lung vitality, resists external hazards, enhances phlegm, relieves cough and anti-inflammatory.

Cranberry Rose Eggplant Probiotic Powder Solid Beverage

Improve bacterial and fungal vaginitis, prevent urinary tract inflammation and balance vaginal and intestinal flora health.

DHA Algal Oil Compound Probiotic Powder Solid Beverage (20 Billion)

Improve children’s immunity, improve children’s eczema and upper respiratory tract infections, reduce atopic dermatitis and otitis media, relieve constipation and diarrhea.


Compound Plant Enzyme probiotics Powder Solid Beverage (20 Billion)

Promote intestinal peristalsis, relieve diarrhea and constipation, maintain intestinal barrier function, promote the growth of good bacteria, enhance intestinal immunity.

Compound Probiotic Powder Solid Beverage (60 Billion)

Regulate the intestinal flora environment, promote intestinal digestion and nutrient adsorption, improve intestinal detoxification efficiency, shorten the common viral infections in children.

Collagen Fruity Beverage (5000mg)

15 type collagen + elastin to replenish skin elasticity, replenishes body collagen, tightens skin comprehensively.


Yeast Collagen Fruity Beverage

Brighten skin tone, inhibit melanin synthesis, accelerate melanin decomposition, resist glycation, protect the liver and improve skin tenderness.

Grape Yeast Compound Fruit-Vegetable Beverage

Anti-cell oxidation, activating cells, activating longevity genes, improving microcirculation, promoting cell regeneration and promoting cell metabolism.