Yeast Calcium Peptide Beverage

It is suitable for all people who need calcium supplementation and is a necessary product to ensure good health.


Supplement calcium for the human body, creating a perfect bone ecology, forming a closed loop with the kidneys and intestines for better calcium absorption and retained calcium in the body.

Key Ingredients

Ingredients analysis:

Yeast Calcium Peptide Beverage with added L-calcium lactate: it helps the growth of intestinal microorganisms, maintains a healthy environment in the intestines.

Yeast Calcium Peptide Beverage with added black soybean extract: black soybean is rich in anthocyanins, vitamin E and B complex, which can reduce kidney oxidative damage, protect kidney tissue, maintain healthy kidney function.

Vitamin D: bone enhancement, maintain the stability of serum calcium phosphate concentration, promote calcium absorption and utilization in the intestine.

Vitamin A: balance and maintain bone metabolism.

Vitamin K: Balances bone elements, promotes the carboxylation of osteocalcin, promotes the deposition of bone degeneration, and reduces bone decomposition.

Vitamin C: Promote collagen formation, heal wounds, maintain the integrity of bone tissue, and prevent bleeding.


All people who need calcium supplementation can drink one bag a day.

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