TST Resveratrol Diamond Brightening Lotion

TST Resveratrol Diamond Brightening Lotion contains resveratrol to elevate skin resistance, improve skin aging for gradual luster of skin


Regulate water & oil for supple skin in one application

Contains resveratrol to enhance skin resistance, and improve skin aging for gradual radiant skin. The grape extract can maintain skin elasticity and vitality. Yeast essence helps to maintain skin stability and has a soft and fine lotion-like texture for layered penetration to nourish the skin for translucent and luster skin.

Hydration & Moisturization
Nourishing & Repair
Water & Oil Balance

Ages 25 and above
Various skin types

After facial cleansing and using toner, apply the serum on the face and extract the lotion on the fingertip and apply it on the face. After that, gently massage until it is completely absorbed and continue the subsequent steps of using facial cream and eye cream.

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