TST Anti Wrinkle And Firming Cream

Witness effective changes in 28 days: Firm, lighten lines, plump, and bouncy.

High Purity, High Concentration, Precise Nourish Care.


High Concentration of Pro-xylane: 99% High Concentration, 10% High Content; Skin Glow Repair +43.88%⁴, Firm Sagging Skin +30.89%³, Firm Contour & Bouncy Skin +31.60%²

French Black Rose*:Anti-aging French rare black rose,

*French black rose refers to hybrid rose flower extract in the ingredients: EU-patented plant cell culture technology

Combined Peptide + Ectoin: Powerful compound to reshape skin condition


Suitable for: Skin aged 25 and above, premature skin

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