Salmon Compound Protein Powder Solid Beverage

Also known as a meal replacement drink with a 3D protein matrix, the only formula in the world. Rich in proteins from plants, animals and marine besides B complex group of vitamins such as B1, B2, B6, B12 and etc. to improve inflammation, enhance metabolism and promote digestion. Trace minerals & natural folic acid help with energy metabolism, enhance trace elements absorption and body vitality.



1. Soy protein isolate, Whey protein concentrate, salmon protein hydrolysate: 500+ superactive peptides to reduce fat and increase muscles
2. Red beet juice powder: Natural folic acid & iron to promote blood regeneration.
3. Multiple minerals (calcium, magnesium): Calcium & magnesium is the basic component of human bones; magnesium is the crucial element for energy metabolism & helps with calcium absorption
4. Vitamin B complex: Maintain normal mechanism & metabolism in human body

1 sachet of meal replacement drink in the morning (Take as breakfast & dinner in the 1st week of weight loss, start having normal dinner on 2nd week), add into around 120-150ml warm water & mix well to consume.
This product contains soy, lactose, fish, gluten and their by-products. Consumers who are allergic to the above-mentioned ingredients are advised to consume with caution

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