Resveratrol Fresh Repairing Freeze-Dried Mask(5 Pcs/Box)

Freeze-Dry to lock freshness, the [Moisturizing Mask] for skin!
Resveratrol Fresh Repairing Freeze-Dried Mask Grand Launch! 0 Additives, 0 Preservatives, Mild and Non-Irritatives

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Moisturizing, oil-control, shrink pores,
anti-acne, skin brightening

Promote probiotics development to form a great “micro-ecosystem” of the skin (balance strains)
> Anti-aging, maintain young skin
> Regulate sensitive skin
> Lighten pigmentation

Smoothing & Repairing Toner+Freeze-dried mask: Suitable for rough, dry and sensitive skin with enlarged pores
Crystal Moisturizing Lotion+Freeze-dried mask: Suitable for intense hydration and moisturization
Can be paired with Ganoderma Activating Micro Essence Toner to lighten pigments, remove sallow and brighten skin tone.

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