Resveratrol Diamond Brightening Eye Cream 20g

Resveratrol Diamond Brightening Eye Cream has a light creamy texture that melts once touched. It contains yeast essence that penetrates deep into the skin basal and smoothens eye wrinkles for bouncy and firm, rejuvenating the luster and tenderness of youth

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The intensive nourishing formula contains resveratrol and grape essence to

Elevate eye area skin resistance, and improve fine lines for brightening and tightening.

Its soft and creamy texture that melts once touched contains yeast essence to penetrate deeply into the skin basal to smoothen eye wrinkles to rejuvenate bouncy and firm, luster and glowy skin, as tender as a youth.

Ages 25 and above
Dark circles
Fine lines

Apply the eyec cream on the
Lower and outer part of the eye respectively and massage according to the sequence from the inside out until it is completely absorbed.

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