Red Light Anti-Wrinkle Neck Beauty Device


The intelligent sensor system of the 630nm Red Light Anti-Wrinkle Neck Beauty Device has three levels.By using RF dual-ring radio frequency, it can penetrate to the epidermal layer, heat the collagen fibers for suppler skin. 630nm red light has the effect of repairing the skin barrier, promoting circulation, evening out & brightening the skin tone, skin becomes delicate and tender.


Firm & Smoothen Wrinkles

The selected 630nm red light penetrates 7mm deep into the skin to accelerate the proliferation of collagen for plumper skin, so as to achieve the effects of skin brightening, rejuvenating, anti-aging and suppler.

Massage therapy

The super-large magnetic physiotherapy band cooperates with the powerful vibration motor to massage and lift, release muscle pressure, dredge the meridians, stimulate the shoulder and neck points, improve circulation, and promote metabolism.

Promote Nutrition Absorption

Heat at 45°C to open the pores and introduce the essence with high-frequency vibration to help the skin better absorb nutrients.


Apple neck care products evenly on the neck

Turn on the power, select the operation mode, put your hands close to the conductive strip

The instrument massage head closes to the neck and pulls upward from the bottom

When the back neck needs to be massaged, massage by pressing, squeezing, stroking, pushing on the acupoints

Recommended to massage for 6 minutes daily

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