Peptide Snow Moisturizer


Combine a variety of active ingredients with critical emulsification technology to prevent oxidation and functional deterioration. After critical emulsification, the components become snowflakesshape and can be stored for a long time without damage. When the snowflake-like active ingredients come into contact with the skin, they can be released instantly by external factors (such as lightly patting, etc.), and can be quickly absorbed by the skin, thereby improving skin dryness and skin dehydration, fine lines and uneven skin tone.


Efficiently replenish water, store water, moisturize the skin, provide the skin a natural moisture barrier, resist external pollution, and improve skin problems such as fine lines and uneven skin tone caused by dryness and lack of water.

  • Efficient hydration, storage and moisturizing
  • Provides a natural moisture barrier to the skin during the day, resisting external pollution
  • Improve fine lines caused by dry skin
  • Improve skin problems such as uneven skin tone

Key Ingredients

Natural trace elements

  • Stimulate cell vitality and replenish skin nutrients; provide energy to the skin and become part of the moisturizing factor, which can significantly improve skin firmness and increase skin’s ability to retain moisture.

Polyglutamic acid

  • Strong moisturizing and water-locking; the biopolymer produced by microbial fermentation is a kind of plant collagen, which can form a water reticulum on the surface skin to reduce the loss of water molecules, and can penetrate deep into the inner layer to enhance the natural moisturizing factor achieve efficient water retention.

Yeast Extract

  • Brightening, moisturizing, repairing damaged skin cells, regulating skin condition, delaying aging; extracting essence from yeast which rich in vitamins, etc., to repair damaged skin and regulating skin condition


Method of Use

After cleansing and toning, before applying the essence; take an appropriate amount of the Peptide Snow Moisturizer and pat on the face until absorbed

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