Orange Mulberry Leaves Flavor Solid Beverage

It consists of 9 natural elements. Apart from the previous 7 natural elements, we also add beer yeast peptides and ginger. Scientific formula, golden ratio, natural, healthy, safe and concentrated, unleashing your goddess posture, confident and beautiful.


Promote fat burning, enhance metabolism

Key Ingredients

Resistant dextrin,maltodextrin, blackcurrant juice powder (glucose, maltodextrin, blackcurrant concentrated juice, citric acid), green tea mulberry leaves compound powder (yeast powder, concentrated orange powder, green tea, mulberry leaves, chinese hawthorn fruit,spirulina platensis, ginger, guarana extracts), blueberry juice powder (glucose, maltodextrin, concentracted blueberry juice, citric acid), orange juice powder (glucose, maltodextrin, concentrated orange juice, citric acid), pineapple juice powder (glucose, maltodextrin, concentrated pineapple juice, citric acid),stevia


1. Mix a sachet of product with 250ml warm water.

2. Stir well and enjoy the drink. You may drink 2-3 sachets daily! Recommend to consume after meals!a

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