OCÉANE Energizing Softening Emulsion

a bottle to strengthen repairing, multiplies the youthful skin factor. Intensive moisturizing with marine essence, repairing source power, multiple precious marine ingredients penetrate layer by layer, skin age is invisible from now on, and youthful radiance is regained!


1. Nourishing and moisturizing, supple and translucent
2. Awaken skin base, tighten and moisturize
3. Excellent penetration, fine pores

1. Dead skin cells accumulation – rough and dull
2. Over-cleansing – Aggravates aging
3. Damaged barrier – sensitive and fragile
4. Grease Dirt – Clogged Pores

1. Use after lotion every morning and evening, take 1-2 pumps of emulsion, and apply to the clean and dry face and neck.
2. Tap with your ring finger until it is fully absorbed, and gently press upwards from the end of the eye to the temple.

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