Hydra & Pro-Xylane Micro Glowing Toner

Using microemulsion technology, deep moisturizes, strengthens repairing, enable hyaluronic acid and Pro-Xylane are more easily absorbed by the skin, and can instantly support the dehydrated cells in the skin.

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1. Penetrate the basal skin layer and repair the skin
2. Reflecting blue light; enhanced skin-friendly feature, and hyaluronic acid and Pro-Xylane can be absorbed easier
3. Deep moisturizing, strong repairing

1. Wrinkles appear
2. Dull and dry
3. Dry and rough
4. Enlarged pores

After facial cleansing in the morning and evening, pour an appropriate amount of toner in the palm of your hand or on a cotton pad, apply it evenly on the face, and gently pat with your hands until it is completely absorbed

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