Hydra & Pro-Xylane Micro Glowing Lotion

Use natural protective compound minerals to enhance cell protection ability, easily form a water-resistant film on the skin surface, can retain moisturization and have a colloidal mesh structure


1. Soft and delicate emulsion texture, which penetrates and nourishes the skin layer by layer
2. Integrating Hydra & Pro-Xylane encapsulation technology and multiple plant ingredients, intensive moisturizing and hydrating, the skin is plump, moist and glowing after continuous use;
3. Specially added Acmella Oleracea extract to improve skin roughness and smoothen skin texture, making skin more delicate and radiant.

1. Dry/rough/dehydrated
2. Light pollution/oxidation
3. Aging/Inflammation

After using toner and serum, take an appropriate amount of this product and apply it evenly on the face, massage gently until fully absorbed, and then follow up with other skincare steps.

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