Ferment Rice Tender Cleansing

  1. Ferment Power of Rice-First Step to Cleansing
  2. Fermented Rice nourishes the skin.


  1. Oryzanol-enhances skin tone and gloss from the inside out and restores the skin to a lovely rosy complexion
  2. Rice bran extract-supplements the skin with nutrients and moisture to keep the skin moisturized
  3. Anthocyanidin -improves fine lines of the skin and makes the skin becomes silky smooth

Key Ingredients

  1. Oryzanol
  2. Rice bran extract
  3. Anthocyanidin

Method of Use

It is recommended to use with other products in Ferment Rice Tender Series (Ferment Rice Tender Cleansing, Ferment Rice Tender Emulsion, Ferment Rice Tender Essence, Ferment Rice Tender Cream) for better effect.

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