Espérer Peony Seven Seeds Soothing Mask

Natural plant essences— “Immunotherapy” for skin
Uniqueness: 7-fold bionic sebum

The golden formula with high repair without irritants
No preservatives, No ten major Additives

Mild with 0 additives-Safe for sensitive skin to use
No preservatives, alcohol, colouring, fluorescent agent or any chemical substances added that burden the skin

Double protection for stratum corneum barrier, oil-based skin nourishment, multiple active factors,
Repair skin sebum film, rebuild skin barrier,
Improve skin sensitivity and all-around effect of soothing and repairing skin

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1. Repair sensitive skin
2. Barrier regeneration
3. Epidermal regeneration
4. Deep hydration

Specialized for sensitive skin, without preservatives and 0 irritants


After facial cleansing, apply the mask on the face for 12~15 minutes without rinsing the face afterward (Remember, don’t rinse‼️Don’t Rinse‼️ DON’T RINSE‼️ The remaining oil can be used to nourish sebum film!!) and continue subsequent skincare routine with serum/facial cream/lotion;

Peony Seven Seeds Soothing Mask, use it every day for the first week,
and use 2-3 masks per week afterward ‼️
For severely sensitive skin, apply the mask for 5-10 minutes in the first week every day; around 15 minutes for healthy skin. (Short duration with more applications for damaged skin)

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