Espérer Orchid Gold Cream

Espérer Orchid Gold Cream makes the skin ‘freezes’ age and provides nutrients to the cells, and it also inhibits photodamage. Espérer Orchid Gold Cream elevates anti-aging by inhibiting external photodamage and elevating the skin resistance and immunity towards the external environment, that equivalent to wearing a layer of a bulletproof jacket on the skin.

Narcissus dormancy factor
Myogenic ant-wrinkles and repair factor


Inhibit melanin production, Brightening effect, Anti-wrinkles and repair, Reduce cellular division, Increase cellular communication,Enhance cellular metabolism, Prevent skin dehydration, Age spots, Reduce skin barrier effect, Improve sagging, Wrinkles, Pores and rashy skin.

Aging skin
Dull and sallow skin

Cleanser- Oil- Serum- Eye Serum- Emulsion- Cream

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