Elderberry Flavored Beverage

Elderberry Flavored Beverage provides multi-nutrient supplementation, plus one for health in every mouthful. This product contains 5 major ingredients that effectively improve sub-health and elevate bodily immunity. There are 3 major international theses that proved that it improves respiratory system diseases, anti-tumors, and resists influenza A and B pathogen viruses effects. Simultaneously, awarded with the exclusive Italian IPT filtration technology that effectively prevents nutrient loss and maintain the nutrients in the ingredients.



1. Strengthen immunity
2. Stabilize three major lines of defence in health
3. Anti-virus, bacterial, and influenza
4. Improve sub-health condition
5. Relieve fatigue
6. Elevate athletic performance
7. Prevent three cardiovascular diseases
8. Reduce skin wrinkles and pigmentations

Suitable for all aged 3 and above (Except for those who are allergic to fungi)

Daily Care: 1 sachet per day
Enhanced Care: 2 sachets per day, 1 sachet in the morning and evening respectively (Do not exceed 2 sachets per day)

Consume anytime, suggested consumption with an empty stomach, consume after meal for those who are gastrointestinally sensitive

Directly consume or with warm water

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