DHA Alpiniae Oxyphyllae Fructus Solid Beverage

DHA Alpiniae Oxyphyllae Fructus Solid Beverage uses a variety of natural ingredients to treat various amnesia and memory loss. It is a must-have product for those who preparing for pregnancy and pregnant mothers. It has 3 in 1 effects for brain: maintaining, nourishing and protecting brain functions.


DHA development:

①Promote the formation and development of brain cells and maintain the normal physiological activities of nerve cells; ②Promote the growth and development of brain and retina.

Phosphatidylserine(PS) maintenance: ①The main acidic phospholipids in the brain, cranial nerve maintenance substances; ②Accelerate the mediation of information transmission.

Alpiniae Oxyphyllae Fructus Protection: ① Remove free radicals; ② maintaining the integrity of cell membranes; ③ protecting nerve cells

Key Ingredients

DHA algae oil-it is safer without being passed through the food chain

Most people think that fish is the main source of DHA. In fact, the DHA contained in fish oil is because the fish eats DHA-rich seaweed, and the DHA in the seaweed is passed through the food chain to accumulate in the fish.

Phosphatidylserine(PS) -turn on the correct brain maintenance mode

Phosphatidylserine (PS) is the only phospholipid that can replace the functional state of key proteins in the cell membrane, and is also an important part of the cell membrane. It can relieve tension and depression, improve cognitive function, improve memory, and improve concentration.

Alpiniae Oxyphyllae Fructus-the dried and mature fruit of ginger family plant for wisdom: raw materials of medicine and food. The protocatechin monomer contained in Alpiniae Oxyphyllae Fructus can remove free radicals, maintain the integrity of cell membranes, improve learning and memory, and protect nerve cells. It does not contain aflatoxin.


Prepare it with 100ml of water or consume it directly. It is recommended to take 1 bag twice a day (after meals).

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