Cranberry Complex Probiotics Solid Beverage

Cranberries, also known as the little red berry originated from a few areas in North America. They are precious and rare with the name ‘North American Ruby’. Cranberry has unique A-type proanthocyanidins that avoid E. coli from attaching urinary tract and causing infection, preventing and reducing urinary tract infection rate.



✅ Prevent intimate part inflammation
✅ Improve urinary tract infection
✅ Protect intestinal cells from pathogenic bacteria infection

Not suitable for those aged 3 and below, consume with caution for those who are allergic to fish and its products
Directly consume 30 minutes after meal, and drink a glass of 37⁰C below warm water
In case of taking antibiotics, consume the product after 2 hours

Daily Care: 1-3 Sachets
Enhanced Care: 4-6 Sachets

Specially recommended to:
*Young girls before/after having menarche
*Adult female
*Pregnant women
*Postpartum women
*Menopausal women
*Males who have urinary tract infection

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