Concentrated Mango Powder Composite Pressed Candy

Also known as the fat and carb blocker candy that contains 4D plant extract that can comprehensively ‘hunt down’ calories. A formula that can control carb, fat, sugar and appetite with highly effective fat-burning and exogenously cut off calories, as well as endogenously elevate basal metabolic rate.



1. Patented mango powder concentrate (human clinical trial efficacy): Rich in albumin & ellagic acid to reduce “leptin resistance”
2. Edible mushroom powder concentrate (Agaricus bisporus): Effectively absorb over 80% of dietary fat
3. Phaseolus vulgaris extract: Block starch and glucose to the fat transformation process.
4. Coffee powder (Decaffeinated green coffee beans): Block sugar absorption & regulate visceral fat for energy supply

2 tablets of fat and carb blocker candy before a meal (lunch/dinner), chew or keep in the mouth until dissolved.

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