Collagen Fruity Beverage(7520mg)

The new and upgraded version of collagen drink, retains 60 kinds of comprehensive fermented fruits and vegetables and dietary fiber in the original formula, and each bottle is added with Japan NIPPI fish collagen peptide powder 7520mg, patented collagen tripeptide, patented anti-glycation red pomegranate, acerola cherry Powder, salmon nasal cartilage proteoglycan, allowing you to achieve a more comprehensive and better anti-glycation effect.



1. Detoxify- 68 kinds of comprehensive fermented fruits and vegetables, detoxify your intestinal flora
2. Replenishing – the total content of collagen is 7520mg, especially the patented collagen tripeptide is added to supply collagen and stimulate formation of collagen
3. Tonifying – patented pomegranate extract with anti-glycation effect
Proteoglycan–seize hyaluronic acid in the body and promote cell metabolism

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