Bling Bling Eye-Care Instrument

TST exclusive patented appearance, using Chinese-style therapy techniques, tap, press, pull to dredge the meridians around the eyes, completely break through the skin barrier, promote the microcirculation of the eyes, and increase the absorption rate of the eye skin.

The 360° stainless steel pure ion roller massage head automatically heats and keeps the temperature constant, to keep the eye skin in a comfortable state, relax tension eye muscles, promote lymphatic circulation, improve circulation, reduce fine lines, eliminate puffy eye bags, soothe the eyes fatigue and diminish dark circles.


Light therapy function

Strong fibrous tissue helps reduce dark circles, eye wrinkles and enhance firmness. At the same time, it can relieve fatigue, introduce rich nutrients to the bottom of the skin, and restore the healthy vitality of the skin.

Warm Function

It can improve bad circulation of the eyes and quickly relieve the fatigue and tightness around the eyes caused by looking at the electronic screen for too long.


Instructions to use roller massager

  • Use your ring finger to apply a proper amount of TST Eye Cream around the eyes (gently apply from the inner corner of the eye to the temple)
  • Massage on the 5 points from the outside to the inside around the lower eyelid and press each point for 2-3 seconds
  • Slowly move from the outer corner of the eye to the inner corner of the eye until the Jingming acupoint and gently press
  • Use the Bling Bling Eye-Care Instrument to draw a circle around the eye, usually 3-5 circles (please move in one direction). At the end, remember to lift the outer skin of the upper eyelid.

How to use the ion infusion part:

  • Hold the metal strips on both sides of the device with one hand to allow the ion charge to circulate normally
  • Starting from Jingming acupoint, push gently from the inside to the outside. When massaging the end corner of the eye, slightly lift up to the temple.
  • Start from the Tongzilian acupoint, from the end of the eye, gently massage from outside to the inside until the Jingming acupoint

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