Artichoke Compound Probiotic Solid Beverage

Those with three stages of fatty liver disease should consume this beverage:

  • Those with mild fatty liver will lose liver fat after consuming this probiotic.
  • Those with intermediate fatty liver will feel obvious effect after consuming the probiotic for three months.
  • It is dangerous to have severe fatty liver disease because patients may experience liver cirrhosis as they basically lack detoxification and metabolic ability. Their health may also deteriorate. Severe stage patients may consume this probiotic with the help of medications. Be sure to pay attention to less fat intake, eat lesser fatty food such as barbeque. Meanwhile, they are more likely to develop cholecystitis.



  • Protect your liver and detoxify;
  • Reduce the cholesterol level effectively;
  • Reduce ALT, AST and other liver function index;

Continuous consumption for 1-3 months improves liver function index; relieve the symptom of abnormal liver function.

Key Ingredients

  • Composite lactic acid bacteria powder:
  • Lactobacillus plantarum BB9
  • Lactobacillus rhamnosus LR1
  • Lactobacillus fermentum F33
  • Bifidobacterium BL8
  • Pediococcus pentosaceus
  • Dried Artichoke Extract Powder
  • Turmeric


Consume before and after meals, preferably before meals.

1. Pour a sachet of product and mix with 30-50ml of warm water below 37℃. Recommend to consume 1-3 times daily, each time 1 sachet.

2. Suggestion: for those who need to protect their livers and for those with deteriorating liver function. Do not conflict with other medicines.

Daily care, consume 1-2 sachets for those with mild fatty liver.

Those with hepatitis need to be medicated, those with intermediate to severe fatty liver should consume 3-4 sachets a day.

Those with removed gall bladder should consume 3 sachets daily, preferably after every meal.

Hepatitis B patients, either diagnosis of positive HBsAg, HbeAg, Anti-HBc or positive HbsAg,anti-HBe,antiHBc, should consume it with medicines.

Those with gallbladder polyps and calculus cholecystitis can consume this product.

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