Activating Ampoule Essence Toner



Activating Ampoule Essence Toner(60ml+1ml)
Moisturizing and brightening instantly


Essence-like texture to balance skin’s water and oil condition, relieve and strengthen skin, skin becomes more moisturized and translucent with less fine lines and coarseness.

Key Ingredients

• Titanium dioxide: The skin feels silky and smooth, and the surface is specially treated. It is easy to disperse without causing dryness, instantly brightens the skin, making skin beautiful and natural. • Dipotassium Glycyrrhizinate: Moisturizing and soothe skin stably • Nicotinamide: Hydrate, restore and brighten skin • Portulaca Oleracea Extract: Nourish, lubricate and soothe for more stable skin.


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