Snow Moisturizer

Snow Moisturizer is commonly known as “Day Toner” and it is used during the day. This product consists a variety of precious ingredients which coordinate with each other, can quickly penetrate into the skin layer to protect the skin from the inside out; it protects the skin from the external environment and dryness, and reactivate the original functions of the skin so that the skin retains a long-lasting suppleness and suppleness.


Moisturizing and moisturizing: Super-moisturizing ingredient polyglutamic acid combined with Tremella extract penetrates into the skin layer, effectively improves the problem of dry and dehydrated skin, instantly elastic and full.

Firming repair: The peptide component can deeply repair damaged skin tissue, regulate the skin, let the skin strengthen its resistance, promote cell metabolism, and regulate the skin to a healthy and youthful state.

Antioxidant soothing and calming: Edelweiss has a high degree of self-defense ability, effectively resists all kinds of external stimulation to the skin, calms, and relieves sensitive skin.

Key Ingredients

Palmitoyl tripeptide-1 supplements the collagen required by the skin, leaving the skin firm and shiny. Tremella extract has the reputation of “natural hyaluronic acid”, can help the skin moisturize while providing nutrition. Alpine Edelweiss extract quickly penetrates into the skin and replenishes the skin’s daily moisture needs. Sodium polyglutamate helps the skin to effectively retain moisture.

Method of Use

Pour the Snow Moisturizer on your palm and gently tap the face with your hands to release the nutrients instantly, which can be quickly absorbed by the skin.

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