Neck Shoulder Massager

Newly designed Neck Shoulder Massager featuring light luxury neck protection concept, suitable for home use. The Neck Shoulder Massager combines different elements, designs and functions to help relieve different types of cervical discomfort.

  1. Intelligent Voice Guidance
    An integrated wearable device, not limited by space, portable with intelligent voice guidance and simpler operation.
  2. Multiple Parts Massaging
    With multi-functional adhesive sheet, it can massage multiple parts of the body.
  3. Significant Massage Effect
    Four-in-one synchronous massage with electric pulse massage, constant temperature heat, magnetic effect, circular traction, the massage effect is remarkable.
  4. 3D Smart Fit
    Sleek ring design, 360° intelligent floating, double-sided fitting, neck massage is more comfortable.


EMS+TENS double pulse effect

Simulates a variety of massage techniques in traditional Chinese medicine, 6 massage modes, 16 levels of massage intensity, from soft pressing to powerful tapping, to achieve different massage experiences and create a massage effect that is better than real people.

EMS can exercise the neck muscles, relieve neck stiffness and other symptoms, and prevent cervical spondylosis

Far infrared moxibustion

Equipped with three heat compress modes of low, medium and high temperature, rapid heat generation, long-lasting constant temperature and strong penetration. Warming effect, speed up blood circulation, enhance tissue regeneration and cell vitality, play an anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect

Built-in health magnet

Help the autonomic nerves to increase the oxygen carrying capacity, improve the nutritional status of cell tissues, and combine with pulse, hot compress and 3 in 1 massage to form a high-efficiency composite energy field, accelerate local blood circulation, unblock the meridians, and relieve cervical fatigue

Circular traction

Correct the posture of the cervical spine, streamlined U-shaped cervical spine design, release the arc gravitation in line with the natural physiological curvature of the human neck, relax the intervertebral joints of the cervical spine, and pull the cervical spine to a healthy shape



1. For better effects, you can use a wet towel to moisten the neck skin before using the device.

2. Press the power button to turn on, and then adjust the pulse mode, intensity, and temperature level. For the first use, it is recommended to select pulse intensity level 3-5, and then increase it appropriately according to personal conditions.

It is recommended to select low temperature first and then switch to high temperature.

3. Long press the M button for 2-3 seconds to turn off the voice function, and when you use it again, long press the M button to turn it on

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