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Everyone wants smooth, flawless-looking skin. Here’s our list of proven methods derived from SK-II’s cutting-edge research to tighten pores and improve your skin texture!

Arm yourself with the latest findings from SK-II’s independent 24-7 research study on youthful skin

Revelation 1:
Did you know that your pores are larger in the morning than at night?

Dr. Naoki Miyamoto, a P&G research scientist says, “We have a unique method for examining and measuring the skin with a special device commonly used for skin examinations at our SK-II retail stores. With this skin-check device, we successfully collected the data of 700,000 participants. The findings revealed that the size of skin pores is larger in the morning than at night.

So what causes large pores on the face? This can be attributed to the presence of sebum embedded in the pores, causing its opening to appear larger in the morning. One way to get around this problem is to take a shower at night to rinse off this accumulation of sebum. Another reason for the enlarged pores to appear on the face is that the force of gravity causes the skin to become looser when we lie down at night.

When another measurement was taken after washing the face in the morning, the pore size was significantly smaller. Hence, we conclude that facial cleansing does tighten up the pores.”

While the skin’s pore size may appear larger at night, they are larger in the morning. Regardless, a more thorough cleansing of your face will help to shrink, minimise and tighten the pores on your face.

Revelation 2:
Did you know that your pore size changes throughout the day?

“Beyond the new knowledge that pore sizes are larger in the morning than at night, the skin-check data also revealed that the skin’s pore size changes from day-to-day and throughout the day! It is only through proper daily moisturisation care that we can reduce the variance of this daily fluctuation, and also minimise the size of the pores.” (Dr. Miyamoto)

When it comes down to caring for our pores, we often pay more attention to cleaning the grime from our pores. However, we now know that the focus should not be just on cleansing, but also on having good moisturisation care with proper cleansing. This is especially effective in minimising and shrinking your pores.

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