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A person’s hair plays a significant role in their appearance; having thick, smooth hair not only makes it easier to manage but also makes one look younger! The secret to nourishing your hair is to keep your scalp healthy. Along with daily scalp cleaning, proper massage and combing can also help to promote scalp circulation. The following 5 tips for massage and combing can help you to de-stress the scalp and retain healthy lustrous hair.


Tip 1: Comb from hairline to back, evenly massage the scalp

Choose a comb that suits you and start combing your hair from the middle of the hairline backwardly. Then move to the sides and comb your hair from front to back, and from the hair whorl to the back of the head. This action evenly stimulates the peripheral nerves of the scalp and relaxes the scalp.


Tip 2: Fixed-point pressing, fatigue relieving

The scalp is covered with countless acupoints. When massaging, you can hold the handle of the comb with your hands and start from the top area to do a fixed-point massage. Massage each fixed-point three times to stimulate the peripheral nerves of the scalp for relaxation, fatigue relief, and sleep enhancement.


Tip 3: Comb and point pressing to relax the scalp

Comb from the forehead hairline to the hair whorl area for fixed-point pressing and comb the hair radially along the hairline in a clockwise motion to achieve the effect of relaxing the scalp.


Tip 4: N-shaped combing style, reduce the sense of tightness

Use the comb handle on the scalp for N-shaped sliding to relax the head meridians, and improve the scalp softness, as well reduce the tension.


Tip 5: Circular motion rubbing pressure, deep pressure relief

Similar to this, girls with long hair who are used to keeping their hair in buns for lengthy periods of time should use the comb handle to rub their entire head in circular motions from the top of the head to the hair swirl in order to significantly relieve pressure on the scalp’s acupoints. Using this motion to relax after keeping their hair in a bun all day will make it more comforting and relaxing.