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In recent years, the skin care method of 【VC in the Morning; VA at Night】has been highly sought after by beauty lovers. So, what exactly does 【VC in the Morning; VA at Night】mean? What is the principle of this skin care method? Is it suitable for all skin types?

【VC in the Morning; VA at Night】actually refers to a combination of skin care, that is, use skin care products containing vitamin C (VC) derivative ingredients in the morning, and use skin care products containing vitamin A (VA) derivative ingredients at night, to achieve skin brightening and anti-aging effects. But when using these products for sensitive and dry skin, remember to try them out gradually step by step!

THREE important points that need to pay attention to when using【VC in the Morning; VA at Night】!  The keys to getting started are ” daytime sun protection and choose low-concentration products”.

Key point 1: Use products containing “vitamin C derivatives”, emphasize on sun protection during the day, and use the recommended concentration gradually step by step

For [VC in the Morning], using products containing “vitamin C derivatives” can easily irritate sensitive or dry skin. It is recommended to use them every two days on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday to test your skin tolerance and avoid the symptoms of skin sensitivity. If no abnormalities appear on the skin after one week, then you can use them every day, but remember to apply sunscreen during the day, and wear a hat or use an umbrella for better sun protection; For [VA at Night], you should test on skin first before using the products containing vitamin A derivatives such as “Retinol” and “Retinal”.

Key Point 2: Emphasize on skin moisturization when using “Retinol”, “Retinal” and “ Retinoic acid ”

“Retinol”, “Retinal” and “Retinoic acid “, the first two belong to the category of skin care products, while “Retinoic acid” is a medication. but the skin will gradually metabolize into ” Retinoic acid ” after using skin care products containing “Retinol” and “Retinal”. Therefore, when using “Retinol” and “Retinal”, it is recommended to start from a low concentration to enhance the skin’s moisturization. It is very important to carefully observe whether the skin is dry and peeling after use!

Key Point 3: Use 【VC in the Morning; VA at Night】after facial cleansing for best absorption

Using “functional” products after facial cleansing as the first step of skin care can achieve the best absorption effect. Therefore, it is recommended to apply【VC in the Morning; VA at Night】after washing your face. But, if there is peeling or irritation occurs, we recommend reducing the frequency of use, and using moisturizing products after washing your face before applying the skin care products containing “vitamin C, A” derivatives. Once the skin has adapted to the skin care products and the tolerance for skin care products containing “vitamin C, A” derivatives have improved, then you can apply 【VC in the Morning; VA at Night】every day for the best brightening and anti-aging effect!