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Hands betray a woman’s age, and caring for your hands is just as important as taking care of your face.

The first impression of a woman’s well-maintained appearance comes from her face, followed by her hands. Hands are a woman’s second face, therefore hand care is as important as face care. Of course, the hand care method is much simpler than the face.


FOUR Steps of Hand Care

  • Step 1: CLEANSE. Cleansing your hands.
  • Step 2: SCRUB. Scrub your hands with exfoliating scrub products, especially the joint areas where cuticles can build up easily. The hand cream is more easily absorbed after the removal of the dead skin on the skin surface.
  • Step 3: MOISTURIZE & REPAIR. Apply hand cream to lock in moisture and leave hands soft and beautiful.
  • Step 4: NAIL CARE. Apply a layer of nail deep repair cream to help strengthen the nails and the skin surrounding the nails, while minimizing the formation of hangnails, it is recommended to use every day before bed. Nails need nutrients as well, otherwise, they are prone to breakage, especially for women who enjoy gel manicures or painting their nails.