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“Chemical Peel” is a technique that uses an approved concentration of acid to promote the skin’s metabolism and aid in the removal of old dead skin cells. The point is that it may treat many skin problems in one go, such as closed comedones, blackheads, and so on. Thus, a new healthy stratum corneum is formed!

How to Use Chemical Peel Correctly
The skin care step of using Chemical Peel is usually after removing makeup and washing your face, you can pour the mild “Chemical Peel” product on a cotton pad and apply it for 5 minutes, then use the cotton bud to dip some mild “Chemical Peel” product and apply topically on the wings of the nose (where the cotton pad can’t reach) or on the acne scars to speed up the healing of the acne scars. Finally, rinse it off with water, and then follow-up with skin moisturizing steps and you’re done!

When using Chemical Peel, take the following precautions:

  1. Temporarily stop using functional products such as anti-aging or brightening products.
  2. Do not exfoliate or use any other cleansing devices within a week.
  3. After using Chemical Peel, be sure to apply sunscreen every day to protect your skin from UV damage.
  4. Chemical Peel is not suitable for those with sensitive skin.
  5. Do not use two kinds of acids in combination.
  6. Chemical Peel should be used 2-3 times a week at the most. It can be reduced to once a week if the skin condition gradually improves.