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Olive oil has a good skin care effect which helps to lighten wrinkles, remove dark spots and moisturize lips. However, not all olive oil can be used for skin care. Many people mistakenly thought that edible olive oil can be applied directly to the face for skin care, however this was a big mistake!

The olive oil used for edible oil is different from the olive oil used for skin care. The edible olive oil is extracted from peel, pulp and pit, while the beauty olive oil  is extracted from the most essential part that was extracted from the finest parts, after several refinements, so it is milder in nature  and does not harm the skin. Incorrect use of olive oil can cause skin to become allergic, so it is best to buy olive oil specially for skincare if you want to use it for skincare purposes.

Olive oil provides simple, cost-effective beauty effects when the method is right:

Makeup Removing

Take a piece of facial cotton, first apply a small amount of water evenly on the surface. Then, pour the olive oil on it, so that the olive oil will float on the surface of the cotton, and will not be completely absorbed by the cotton. Next, cover the eyes with the cotton and wait for 15 seconds. After 15 seconds, you can wipe off the makeup easily without rubbing.


Mix an appropriate amount of olive oil and honey with the brown sugar that you usually drink coffee with it.  Then, apply the mixture onto the face for a minute. After that, rinse it off with water. This method has the effect of skin-smoothing and moisturizing.

Hair Care

When the hair is dry and frizzy, apply olive oil to the ends of the hair, avoid contacting the roots of the hair and scalp. Then put on a shower cap and wait for approximately 15 minutes. When the time is up, pour the shampoo directly on the dry hair, add a little water until the lather is formed, then wash the hair thoroughly.