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FIVE Basic Tips

BYE-BYE Sensitive Skin

Do you envy those who have fair and flawless skin? And you have sensitive skin that often plagued by redness, swelling and itching! Incorrect living habits and cleansing methods will become the factor to arouse sensitive skin. Avoid the following methods to treat your skin and stay away from sensitive skin!

1. Gentle Cleaning

For sensitive skin, it is recommended to choose a mild facial cleanser that does not contain soap and fragrance for daily cleaning and care. Please bear in mind, do not over-cleanse, as this will irritate the skin and cause dryness. It is enough to wash your face once in the morning and once at night.

2. Moisturizing

Focusing on moisturizing improves skin hydration, reduce irritation, and helps skin stratum corneum repair. It is recommended to choose skin care products that are specially formulated for sensitive skin and do not contain unnecessary (potentially irritating) ingredients such as colouring and fragrances.

3. Áll-Time Sun Protection

Facial sun protection is helpful for sensitive skin. Ultraviolet radiation can affect the overall health of the skin (even if you are indoors) and using moisturizers with SPF sun protection can reduce this risk. When you are out and exposed to the sun, it is best to use special sunscreen products (not just moisturizers with SPF sunscreen), and use hats and sunglasses for UV protection.

4. Avoid Harsh Exfoliation

Regular exfoliation not only helps to deep clean the skin, remove impurities and pollutants from the skin, but also promotes skin regeneration. However, not all facial exfoliating products are the same. When choosing exfoliating products, be sure to choose a formula designed specifically for sensitive skin. Those fancy face wash tools or pore cleansing masks containing scrub particles may be attractive to you, but these products may cause severe skin irritation, and it is best to avoid using them.

5. How to Choose Skincare Products for Sensitive Skin?

Mastering the simple and safe principle when choosing your skincare products can help you to avoid sensitive skin. The following are the ingredients to be avoided for your reference:




❌Emulsifier and active surfactant

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